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    Everything Business Owners Need to Know About Restaurant Booth Size

    Written by Joel Strulovitch

    “Do you want a table or a booth?” It's one of the first choices your customers have when they enter your restaurant. Not surprisingly, many customers prefer a booth. Restaurant booths provide a sense of closeness and privacy, and they can be an easy way to manage younger children at the table. A quick survey from staff members will likely tell you that your restaurant staff prefers the convenience of booths, as well. With the right layout, restaurant booths reduce traffic flow and make it easier for waiters and waitresses to access each customer. When you're determining the layout for your restaurant seating, it's essential to consider the restaurant booth size you need for your space.

    What Is the Standard Restaurant Booth Size?

    Standard booth seat lengths are 24", 30", 44", 48", and 60". The standard depth of a restaurant booth seat is 18". With a 30" wide table and booths on either side of it, the total width would be approximately 74" from the back of one booth seat to the other. Still, it's important to remember that restaurant booths vary widely in size and shape. They can even be customized to meet your needs.

    There are a variety of different measurements used to create standard restaurant booths. When you're determining the restaurant booth size for your new restaurant space, you'll need to consider the following standard measurements:

    • Booth Seat Lengths: Standard booth seat lengths range from 24" to 60". The longest seats are designed to fit up to 4 adults.
    • Booth Seat Depth: The industry standard is 18", but depths can go to 26".
    • Booth Seat Height: Standard seat height is usually 16" to 18".
    • Booth Height: Standard restaurant booth heights, from the floor to the top of the seat back, range from 36" to 60".
    • Spacing Considerations: When designing your restaurant layout, it's important to remember the space within and around the booth. Remember, if you have two booths with standard seat depths of 18" and a 30" table, the full width of the space will be about 74". This width is accurate if standard booth seats with a base width of 24" are placed where the table overlaps both seat cushions by 2". This layout provides your patrons with 16" of space between the backrest and table. If you have a significant amount of space you may want to adjust table space accordingly.

    Popular Restaurant Booth Shapes and Sizes

    Restaurant booths aren't all about dimensions. There are a variety of different shapes and sizes that are popular in different types of restaurants. You may decide you want all of your booths to be the same, or you might decide to mix and match different styles to provide the most options for your customers. These are a few of the most popular restaurant booth choices:

    Single Booths

    Single booths are a popular choice in small restaurants. They consist of single benches designed to be backed up against walls or placed at the end of aisles. Single booths are often used in a layout with double booths or tables to make the most of available space.

    Double Booths

    Double booths feature back-to-back benches that allow booths to be placed in a row, which is convenient for serving customers during busy hours. These are the booths that typically come to mind when envisioning your favorite restaurant. Double booths are extremely versatile since they are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes.

    Wall Bench

    Bench seating along a wall maximizes space for a variety of situations. When paired with small tables, they allow enough privacy for conversation among couples. These tables can be joined when needed to accommodate larger groups. Wall bench seating is commonly used along a wall and surrounded with other seating options.

    1/2 Circle and 3/4 Circle Booths

    These booths provide ample seating for families and large groups. While they best seem suited for larger restaurants, circle booths come in a variety of lengths, widths, and heights. Circle booths can also be combined with round tables or wall benches to create a space for larger groups or parties.

    Materials and Color to Complement Your Restaurant Style

    teenagers sitting in restaurant booths

    Determining the restaurant booth sizes you need is an important part of getting your layout correct. But you might also be wondering which booth types fit the style of your restaurant. Practically any booth type can fit your aesthetic when you choose the right materials, shapes, and color to fit your restaurant's mood. A few of the most popular restaurant booth styles include these options:

    • Channel Back: Upholstered booths with a sleek modern look. They feature vertical channels stitched into the seat back fit into practically any decor.
    • Fan Back: An attractive fan-shaped back makes these booths the center of attention.
    • V-Back: Often used in retro style diners with shorter seat backs, these booths feature a separate color in the center of the seat back.
    • Button-Tufted: With a classic button-tufted seat back, these booths often feature high seat backs and can be seen in many upscale restaurants.
    • Bead Board: Built of solid wood with little or no padding on seat backs, these booths are a classic style.
    • Plain Back: These booths feature a solid smooth seat that blends into practically any decor.

    For any booth style, there are a wide variety of colors and booth heights that can dramatically affect the final look furniture you choose. For example, bright colors with shorter seat backs can bring an instant breezy feel to a casual diner. An upscale restaurant, on the other hand, might have rich, dark colors and tall booths that lend privacy. Talk to your commercial wholesaler about the atmosphere and size of your restaurant for professional advice about your final choices.

    Where to Find Restaurant Booths

    When purchasing booths for your restaurant, it's important to consult a commercial seating wholesaler with a variety of options designed for a commercial setting. Your restaurant booths are an important investment. A reputable wholesaler can help you make the most stylish and functional choices for your unique venue. If you're seeking restaurant booths for any type of eatery, visit Moda Seating for a wide variety of options at the most competitive prices available.

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