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    How to Choose the Right Theme Restaurant Furniture for Your Restaurant

    Written by Joel Strulovitch

    A theme restaurant is an eating establishment completely designed around a particular concept. Having a central idea, time period, place, or subject that carries through the entire dining experience makes your restaurant unforgettable. A theme restaurant will likely include customized design, menu, uniforms, entertainment, and decor. At first glance, choosing your theme restaurant furniture can seem difficult. Customized furniture is expensive, and you don't want to settle for something that will detract from your theme. 

    Luckily, you don't need custom furniture to decorate a theme restaurant. Making quality choices that include the right materials can fit practically any theme. These tips can help you furnish your theme restaurant without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank.

    Why Your Theme Restaurant Should Be Furnished with Universal Options

    A theme restaurant is fun to visit and has unique menu options. Your customers probably won't care if the furniture isn't comfortable or very high-quality. ...Right?

    Actually, the quality of your theme restaurant furniture is about much more than comfort. It's about safety, owner compliance, and a quality experience (which does include comfort). Purchasing commercial-grade furniture from a reliable commercial seating wholesaler is essential. Residential furniture (like the type you have in your home) isn't designed to stand up to consumer use. Purchasing from a dependable wholesaler can also ensure your furniture is ADA compliant.

    Your theme restaurant furniture should include these important qualities.

    • Durability: Restaurant furniture needs to be moved around and cleaned frequently. Pinching pennies on cheap furniture now will lead to higher costs in the future when you must keep replacing furniture.
    • Strength: Poor-quality furniture leads to potential injuries and lawsuits. Your furniture must be strong enough to withstand the environment it's in.
    • Universal Shape and Size: Your customers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and your furniture needs to accommodate them all. Additionally, all restaurant furniture must be compliant with local, state, and federal laws.
    • Comfort: Wobbly tables, tiny chairs, and hard seats will ruin your customers' dining experience. While you might clear tables quickly, you'll be far less likely to have repeat customers.

    If you think that buying "regular restaurant furniture" will ruin your theme, don't give up before you research all the options available. Restaurant furniture comes in a variety of materials, shapes, and colors. Often, you can even personalize some pieces with commonly available options to fit your theme or decor.

    How to Set the Theme With Materials

    group of customers in a Western theme restaurant at a wooden table

    Furnishing a theme restaurant doesn't require you to have every piece of furniture custom-designed and shaped for your concept. The materials used to make restaurant furniture can be an important building block for your complete theme. Restaurant tables and chairs are created with a variety of materials that can be used to complement your idea.

    When you consider your favorite theme restaurants, you may notice certain materials match individual themes.

    • Seafood restaurants, beach-themed restaurants, and tropical restaurants: These restaurants often use lightweight materials, which might include wicker, lightweight wood types, plastic, and other lightweight materials.
    • Western-themed restaurants, including steakhouses and Tex-Mex restaurants: Leather is often a feature in these restaurants' furniture. It's typically combined with wood for a variety of results. For example, dark woods evoke a classic feel. Alternatively, you can choose brighter, lighter shades for a party or celebration vibe. Restaurants with a literary theme are likely to include leather accents, too.
    • Modern restaurants with minimalist or futuristic style: Modern restaurants (not to be confused with contemporary ones) typically have furniture with sleek, clean lines, and no frills. Here, theme restaurant furniture may feature metal, plastic, and glass. 
    • Restaurants with an industrial theme: Wood and metal combine to provide these restaurants with a rustic or steampunk appearance. Dark colors are common in these materials, too.
    • Retro restaurants: Restaurants that bring back a feeling of the past often have vinyl seating options with bright colors and stripes. These may be combined with wood or laminate tables.

    How Accessories Fit Into a Themed Restaurant

    Your theme restaurant furniture is only one part of your complete restaurant decor. Accessories play a big part in the full concept of any theme. When you take in a restaurant's overall concept, the paintings on the wall might be the first thing you notice. A well-established theme is all in the details. To get these details right, you need the proper accessories.


    The way you light your restaurant can be subtle or make a statement. Chandeliers, bright modern lights, rustic jar lights, lamps, and romantic candlelight each have a different impact on the atmosphere in your restaurant. Choose a style of lighting that matches your theme. 

    Wall Decor

    The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to hanging things on the wall. Carefully framed paintings can showcase historical images that complement your theme. Alternatively, a large, colorful mural on a single wall makes a showstopping statement. You can hang or shelve a variety of artifacts and objects on the walls to provide the authenticity your customers crave. Even the color of your walls is a part of your complete theme. 

    Table Toppers

    Tablecloths, centerpieces, placemats, napkin holders, and even salt and pepper shakers can accentuate your theme. Retro or outdoorsy restaurants may wish to cover tables with a checkered table cloth. Alternatively, classic and elegant restaurants will most likely use linen napkins. Centerpieces can also give restaurant owners a way to provide extra decoration, as well. Even the dinnerware can complement your theme. 


    Do your employees fit into the theme you're trying to project? Unique server uniforms are sure to make a big impression in a themed restaurant. Fun hats or colorful shirts or aprons can also go a long way toward adding extra flair to your restaurant's theme.

    Furniture is an important part of your restaurant's theme, but that doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune on custom furniture or use questionable quality furnishings. No matter what type of restaurant you own, it's important to purchase your furniture from a reliable commercial wholesaler. To learn more about how furniture can complement your restaurant's theme, get in touch with the furniture experts at Moda Seating today. We provide quality restaurant seating and tables for a wide variety of venues that will suit any theme.

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