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    How to Pick the Right Outdoor Restaurant Table Tops

    Written by Joel Strulovitch

    Adding outdoor seating to your restaurant can provide additional space and attract new customers during the spring, summer, and fall months. Still, finding the right furniture for your outdoor patio, deck, or sidewalk space can be a challenge. You need outdoor restaurant table tops to be durable and functional while still matching your aesthetic. With the right planning, careful choices, and assistance from an experienced commercial furniture wholesaler, finding the options you need isn't difficult at all. Learning more about the materials and other features of outdoor restaurant table tops can help.

    Why Outdoor Dining Areas Are a Great Investment for Your Restaurant

    Most people enjoy dining outdoors for at least a portion of the year. Fresh air and a beautiful view can make a meal more enjoyable than ever. Outdoor dining areas are a nice way to bring in customers, but that's not all they help you accomplish. Outdoor seating expands your dining space to allow you to take care of more customers during your busiest hours. It also expands the visibility of your restaurant and adds an enticing atmosphere for potential guests. 

    Creating an outdoor patio, deck, or other dining areas can be a challenge, but it's an investment that could still be paying off years into the future. Adding a small deck or patio could increase your restaurant's revenue as much as 30%. When you take careful measures to invest in quality furniture and weather-related accessories, you can use your outdoor seating area several months each year.

    How To Choose the Best Outdoor Restaurant Table Tops

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    When preparing for your outdoor dining space, you may have realized that matching the furniture you have indoors isn't an option. Most indoor furniture isn't optimal for the elements that exist outside. Still, there are a variety of options to choose from when you select outdoor table tops for your restaurant. Choosing the right outdoor table tops is similar to making any other choice for your restaurant, but there are a few extra issues to consider. Use these tips to pick the outdoor table tops best suited to your restaurant.

    Carefully Consider Materials

    Durability is a must when it comes to outdoor furniture, but that's not the only important feature. Your outdoor furniture also needs to be comfortable during most temperatures and look attractive to your guests. The material you choose for your outdoor restaurant table tops will be a major factor in your outdoor dining space's appearance and lifespan.

    With the right treatments, many of the materials used for outdoor tables can be used for indoor tables, too. Whether you match your existing tables or choose a material that complements them, there are a variety of attractive choices. These are a few of the materials used for outdoor restaurant table tops:

    • Wood
    • Aluminum
    • Iron
    • Steel
    • Granite

    Choose the Right Shape

    Outdoor dining spaces naturally have an open, airy feeling. When you add furniture, it's important to avoid making the space too cluttered to be functional and enjoyable for your guests. Like indoor tables, outdoor tables can be square, rectangle, or round. You can choose identical tables, or mix and match shapes to provide a variety of seating options. When choosing the shape you want, consider how easily customers can move around the tables and the convenience for your waitstaff. To make the most of your space, try varying regular height tables with bar height tables outdoors.

    Include Accessories

    The right accessories don't just dress up your patio or other outdoor dining space. They can make it more enjoyable for your guests and even help you protect your furniture. No matter what size and shape you've chosen for your tables, umbrellas can provide a much-needed respite from the elements. Commercial table umbrellas provide your customers with shade during the hottest summer months. They also protect the outdoor furniture from fading colors, becoming hot to the touch, and wear from the sun's rays. 

    Conversely, you can also add features that make your outdoor dining space more inviting during the chillier months of the year. If you have the space, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are a popular way to enjoy the outdoors. You can even place outdoor heaters in safe areas to help keep guests warm on chilly evenings.

    Keep Your Theme Consistent

    You may not be able to use the exact same table tops outside as you have indoors, but your overall theme should remain similar. Some materials can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, there are a variety of ways to place furniture outdoors that complements your existing furniture. Synthetic materials can mimic wood to match indoor tables and still provide long-lasting durability. Using similar colors and shapes will also carry the theme from indoors out to the patio or sidewalk.

    Find a Dependable Commercial Supplier

    Commercial tables are built with continued use in mind. When you're purchasing outdoor tables for your restaurant, you need durability and stability that will last. Working with the right supplier can lead you to quality products that are specifically designed for restaurant use. Often, you can find bulk discounts, sales, and reasonable prices, as well. An experienced commercial supplier can help you find the right furniture to meet your unique needs and even offer custom designs.

    Choosing the right table tops for your outdoor dining area can help you reap the rewards on your investment. Outdoor restaurant table tops that are attractive and versatile will be in style for years. Quality materials will last without fading, peeling, and scarring from the weather and extended use. A comfortable, attractive outdoor seating area can add interest to your restaurant and entice passers-by to stop in for a visit. Using the right materials from a trusted commercial furniture dealer will help you ensure you're getting the quality you need to serve satisfied customers year after year. 

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