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    Make Event Management Easier With Stackable Chairs

    Written by Joel Strulovitch

    There are dozens of elements to consider when it comes to event management, so pulling off successful events can be a stressful endeavor. However, there are some ways in which you can lessen the load. One way to make event management a bit easier is by investing in stackable chairs. Check out all the benefits stackable chairs can bring to your event management operation below.

    What Are Stackable Chairs?

    Stackable chairs are lightweight chairs that come in a variety of styles and colors. They are a great seating option for both restaurants and events as they provide affordability, durability, and functionality to all environments. Stackable chairs allow you to create flexible seating arrangements where the seating can easily be stacked up and stored away after use. From elegant banquet seating to comfortable cushioned seating, there is a stackable chair option fitting for all settings and occasions.

    What Are the Benefits of Using Stackable Chairs?

    There are many benefits of using stackable chairs for event seating at restaurants, hotels, events halls, community centers, and more. Check out seven of the top benefits below:

    1. Better Utilization of Space

    One of the major benefits of stackable chairs is that they allow for better space efficiency. Traditional chairs are bulky and hard to maneuver. Once you put them in place, they are somewhat fixed, and it can be challenging to reimagine the floor plan.

    With stacking chairs, you don't have these same issues. You can easily change the seating arrangements or floor plans of the space, as these chairs are extremely easy to move around. Stackable chairs also make great outdoor seating options at restaurants and other venues — the chairs are easy to pick up and bring in at night.

    Overall, stackable chairs are easy to store and allow you to better utilize whatever space you have to work with.

    2. Versatility

    Stackable chairs provide event managers with a vast amount of versatility. Traditional types of seating generally only have one potential application. With stackable chairs, you gain the versatility of flexible seating and floor plans at events. From restaurant settings to wedding receptions, stackable chairs bring an element of versatility to any environment.

    3. Affordability

    Another huge benefit of stackable chairs is their affordability. If you're looking for cost-effective seating, then stackable chairs are the way to go. The lightweight material that stacking chairs are made out of is generally more cost-effective to produce. Stackable chairs are also typically sold in bulk, making them a more cost-effective option for a variety of venues.

    4. Maneuverability

    Stacking chairs are incredibly maneuverable. This is a massive benefit for event managers that have to work in tight or continuously changing spaces. The lightweight of stacking chairs also makes rearrangements much easier for staff to manage. With the use of a chair dolly, the chairs can easily be moved around one venue or event and on to the next.

    5. Durability

    The durability of stacking chairs is another top benefit of the product. Stacking chairs are made of high-quality and hardy materials that can withstand years of wear. Manufacturers know that commercial-grade chairs are in constant use. Therefore, they build chairs with durability and longevity in mind. Purchasing stacking chairs is an investment that your business can enjoy for years to come.

    6. Comfortability

    Nobody likes to go to a restaurant or event and have to sit in an uncomfortable chair for the evening. All guests want to be comfortable. Stackable chairs are among the most affordable seating options that you can utilize to provide that desired comfort to guests. From a padded seat to cushioned seat options, you will be able to find the perfect stackable chair and provide a comfortable seating experience for your guests.

    7. Aesthetically Pleasing Appearance

    The seventh main benefit stacking chairs provide is an aesthetically pleasing look. There are so many designs and color scheme options to choose from with stackable chairs. Stacking chairs are available in a variety of material options, from wood, plastic, and resin to steel or other metals. The chairs can also either be dressed up or dressed down based on their seating material.

    Padded style chairs work well in more formal events like wedding receptions or banquets. The seat cushion style chair works excellent in restaurant style settings, as it provides added comfort to guests. No matter what your venue looks like, there is a stackable chair option that will be perfect for your setup.

    How to Make Event Seating and Flexible Floor Plans Easier

    business conference with attendees in stackable chairs

    Stackable chairs make the job of any event manager a bit easier, especially if you have a complex seating chart. Ultimately, this style of chair makes event seating and flexible floor plans much easier to achieve. The use of a stacking chair dolly also provides staff with an easy way to move the chairs around to achieve the desired arrangement.

    With stackable chairs, you can make the most out of any space. Regardless of the venue you operate, this type of seating option can take some of the stress out of your managerial duties. For restaurants, stackable chairs maximize the ability to clean the store effectively during closing. This type of seating is easy to pick up and stack vertically against the walls in order to clean the interior properly. In pub settings, stacking chairs are very useful to maximize available seating around the bar. At weddings and receptions, stackable chairs are a convenient way to quickly put up and take down seating plans in both the indoor and outdoor settings. Every type of venue can utilize stackable chairs in some capacity.

    Best Places to Buy Stackable Chairs

    For commercial businesses looking to purchase stackable chairs in volume, it is best to connect with a commercial seating wholesaler. Commercial grade chairs are built with the purpose of standing up to constant use. At Moda Seating, we have a diverse selection of stackable chair options to choose from. We invite you to take a look at the vast selection of stackable chairs we have to offer in our online catalog. Feel free to contact us today with all your seating questions and needs. We are here to help!

    About Moda Seating

    Moda Seating is the pioneer of providing commercial seating online. Since 2008, Joel Strulovitch, the company’s founder, has been building upon his family’s tradition of providing quality commercial seating at affordable prices. Moda Seating has helped thousands of people achieve their dreams to open restaurants, hotels, event centers, and many other types of businesses where the patron’s experience is influenced by their physical environment.

    If you’re in the process of opening a restaurant or other type of venue where the experience of your customers will be influenced by the environment you provide, then rely on Moda Seating. No other commercial furniture wholesaler has been helping merchants online longer than we have. To help you get started, please download our free Chair Care Checklist. And don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. We’re happy to help!

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