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    Tolix Bar Stools Stand the Test of Time as a Great Restaurant Chair

    Written by Joel Strulovitch

    Introduced to restaurant seating in 1934, Tolix bar stools brought a variety of new features that made them a favorite among restaurant and bar owners. With a universally appealing design and a convenient 24-inch height, this stool seems to fit nicely into any dining space. The same reasons that originally made this versatile piece of restaurant furniture a winner make it a popular choice in modern dining establishments decades later. There are many reasons Tolix bar stools are a great seating option for your restaurant.

    The History of an Instant Classic

    Even if you think you don't know Tolix bar stools, you've likely seen them (or a similar copy) in a variety of venues. Though Tolix chairs and bar stools are available in nearly 50 colors today, the original piece was created from galvanized steel and still managed to capture the restaurant world's attention.

    Over a decade after French roofer Xavier Pauchard developed the process of galvanizing, he used the durable material to create furniture that could be used indoors and out. The durable, stackable chairs and stools quickly became popular in a variety of spaces, from hospitals to eating establishments. They were also a top choice for U.S. naval forces in World War II. By the 1950s, manufacturers produced 60,000 units of Tolix pieces annually. The chairs quickly became a furniture staple across the world, but production slowed in the 1990s, leading to the company's bankruptcy in 2004.

    Later, with the introduction of vibrant colors, the iconic pieces came back to life. A timely resurgence of industrial style and the same convenience that popularized these bar stools are responsible for their existence in so many venues today. Here are some of the top reasons to consider these popular stools for your modern restaurant design.

    Stylish Design

    Tolix bar stools are simple but have a certain flair that makes them a stylish choice for a variety of dining establishments. The stool's simple design is all about function. The weight balances on each of the legs. Horizontal struts also provide strength without making it heavy. Still, sweeping lines and the potential for unique colors make this stool a quiet fashion statement.

    In its original form, the Tolix bar stool had a glossy metal finish that worked in sophisticated bars, casual dining spaces, and everywhere in between. The slim build provides a multitude of seating options without creating a crowded table, counter, or bar. Today, the potential for color makes it a stylish and expected choice for every setting.  


    two customers chatting in a cafe while sitting on Tolix bar stools

    With practically limitless colors to choose from, Tolix bar stools can fit the decor of almost any eatery. Bright colors can create a retro feel or a funky modern vibe. The stool changes instantly with the application of pastels or bright white for an airy café feel. Tolix stools even work in industrial settings with a distressed finish or metallic shades. With backs or backless options and bare or wood seats, Tolix bar stools are versatile enough to suit practically any customer. They can also complement a variety of restaurant styles. Restaurants can stack them away for storage, use them during busy events, or add seating at any bar or café counter. The options are limitless, indoors or outside. 


    Created from galvanized metal, Tolix bar stools boast a sturdy design and lasting finish. For restaurants that serve customers indoors and outdoors, this lets you maximize seating options where you need them most. A slot placed in the middle of the seat allows water to drain as a natural prevention for rust. Also, you can easily clean metal for quick turnover during your busiest afternoon and evening rushes. Seating with the flexibility for dual purposes eliminates the need to purchase and store excess furniture. That makes Tolix bar stools a great investment for a variety of venues.

    The durable metal finish and sleek build mean these stools require virtually no maintenance to keep them looking great. Many seating options have seams, grooves, and fasteners that can trap crumbs and harbor spills. Each stool has an easy-to-wipe surface and no need for treatments or special cleaners. These stools will quickly become a favorite among waitstaff. Hungry customers waiting in line will love the quick turnover, too.

    Lightweight Construction

    Wood restaurant furniture can be heavy and difficult to move quickly during busy restaurant shifts. The lightweight, durable metal construction of Tolix bar stools provide a variety of benefits for multiple situations. The lightweight, stackable design of the Tolix stool also makes it perfect for various busy restaurant moments. Benefits include:

    • The ability to stack them neatly until needed for large events
    • Outdoor seating that's easy to move and store at night
    • Stools that can quickly be moved into place during hectic, busy hours
    • Stackability that makes mopping up after hours a breeze

    A Classic That Evokes Nostalgia in Any Setting

    Tolix bar stools and metal chairs have been a standard choice in eating establishments across the world for decades. A staple piece of furniture known for its durability, Tolix bar stools have been used in homes and businesses of practically every type since the 1960s. Found in cafés, offices, hospitals, public parks, a variety of restaurants, and even residential kitchens, Tolix bar stools evoke memories for practically every generation. 

    Due to its timeless sense of style, this classic can be updated to fit any modern theme and still bring an old-fashioned sense of nostalgia to today's restaurant patrons. Tolix bar stools have stood the test of time and will likely be seen for many years into the future.

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