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    Why Granite Table Tops Will Transform Your Restaurant

    Written by Joel Strulovitch

    Granite brings a luxurious look to whatever building it's used in. For this reason, it's growing in popularity in both residential and commercial applications. The virtues of granite go beyond its good looks, though, which certainly helps to drive the success of this material. Restaurants, especially, can benefit by making the switch to granite table tops. In this post, we'll take a look at what makes granite such a special material choice for your restaurant's table tops.

    7 Reasons to Add Granite Table Tops in Your Restaurant

    There are many reasons a restaurant owner may choose to purchase granite table tops. This versatile material is equally at home in fine dining establishments as it is in fast-casual restaurants. We've collected some of the top reasons why people choose granite in the hopes that you'll be able to see how stone table tops may benefit your own business when it's time to replace your current restaurant furniture. 

    1. Aesthetic and Tone

    Granite offers a timeless beauty that is amplified by the unique patterns and colors that each piece has. The large variety of colors and patterns mean that granite can be made at home in both casual dining and fine dining situations. Wherever used, high-quality granite table tops add a touch of class and extra professionalism over more cookie-cutter and cheap-looking alternatives. 

    2. It Brightens the Space

    Polished granite is a highly reflective material. This doesn’t just make it a visually appealing surface in its own right — it allows the light in the room to bounce around more instead of just being absorbed.You can easily brighten up the dining room by switching from a more dull material to a brilliant granite when you next upgrade your restaurant seating.

    3. It’s Easy to Care For

    Granite is very similar in appearance to marble, and many restaurant owners initially prefer the idea of using marble. The problem is that marble provides marginally increased appearance with significantly higher upkeep. Marble, wood, and other substances are prone to staining when food or drink is spilled on them. In the restaurant business, that's going to happen a lot. With granite, however, you can just wipe the spill up when you get around to it and not give it a second thought.

    4. Durability

    It isn't just a resistance to stains that gives granite a heads up over marble and other materials. Wood and marble table tops can scratch and chip easily. For certain atmospheres, the case could be made that such imperfections add character to wood. That's not the case with marble, though — granite's most common competitor simply becomes unattractive when scratched or chipped, which degrades the dining experience. As one of the hardest materials in the world, granite doesn't have this problem. 

    5. Affordability

    There may be some materials that are cheaper upfront. But the amount of money you'll spend on labor costs keeping them clean and stain-free, combined with how often you'll need to replace them due to damage, puts granite firmly into the category of one of the most affordable materials you can choose for your restaurant tables.

    6. It’s Great for Outdoor Seating

    If you imagine your customer's browsing your wine list on a warm summer day outside of your bistro, then you'll need a bistro table that doesn't fall apart when inclement weather hits. Granite is one of the most outdoor-friendly materials you can purchase. While other materials can be weatherproofed, granite naturally resists weather damage and wear.

    7. Eco-Friendliness

    If you are eco-conscious, granite is an especially good choice. Plastics, paints, and other manufactured materials that go into some of the alternatives use chemicals and processes that pollute the environment. All-natural materials like granite are much more eco-friendly, and that can draw in eco-conscious customers.

    What Options Do You Have for Commercial Granite Table Tops?

    food and candles on a black granite table top

    We've talked generically about the versatility of granite table tops, but we haven't yet explained just how versatile the option is. Now, let's take a look at the various options available for you to choose from when purchasing wholesale restaurant tables with granite table tops.

    • Shape — You can get just about any shape out of granite that you would from any other material. Circular granite table tops are especially good for small tables, as they allow small groups to feel closer together and provide a more personal dining experience. Square granite table tops look great as the primary shape in a square-shaped dining room.
    • Color — Most wholesale table tops made from granite will come in either white or black. However, due to the random patterns that are common to the material, some wholesalers will have granite tables tops in a variety of in-between shades, and even some with a bit of coloration to them. 
    • Pattern — Due to the often random aspect of nature, granite comes in a dizzying array of patterns. In fact, each granite table top you purchase will have its own unique pattern. Some patterns are more similar than others, though, so you'll be able to outfit your restaurant with a similar look while at the same time giving your tables a distinct look from the competition next door.
    • Sizes — Because granite is cut from huge chunks of stone, table tops made from the material are available in any size you'd like. Whether you need a table for two in an elegant dining establishment or a table for a large party in a fast-casual restaurant, you'll be able to find what you need in granite.
    • Beveled Edges and Edge Shape — With granite table tops, the top and bottom edges are beveled, and the four corner edges are smoothed, so they are not sharp enough to injure someone. The exact shape and profile of these bevels and corner shapes is something you can select from based on your own needs or artistic vision. 

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